Le château de Charles de Navarre dit le mauvais à Regnéville-sur-Mer
©Le château de Charles de Navarre dit le mauvais à Regnéville-sur-Mer|Département de la Manche
"Charles the Bad"

The castle of Charles II of Navarre


In 1349, Charles le Mauvais, or Charles “The Bad” became king of Navarre on the death of his mother Jeanne. Locally, he owned Montchaton Castle, an ancient fortress perched on a hill at the top of the Sienne estuary and Regnéville Castle at the mouth.

A castle in torment

In the middle of the Hundred Years War, the presence of a busy port like that of Regnéville meant reinforcing the defence of the site which was devalued by its low position and increasing progress of artillery. From the 1360’s, Charles le Mauvais gave all his attention to Regnéville Castle, particularly given he could no longer rely on Montchaton Castle, recently destroyed by the king of France.

A castle run by proxy

Too busy resolving problems of his succession and reigning over Navarre, Charles le Mauvais probably did not spend much time in his castle at Regnéville. From 1361, Guillaume de Combrai became the captain of the castle. In 1366, Robert de la Porte, Bishop of Avranches and Chancellor of Charles le Mauvais, was actively involved in the reconstruction of the castle. From 1378, Charles le Mauvais’ grip over his territory in Normandy slipped little by little to the advantage of the kingdom of France.


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