La Porte De La Mer Aujourd'hui © Département De La Manche
©La Porte De La Mer Aujourd'hui © Département De La Manche

The gateway of the sea


The gateway to the sea opened to the west, opposite the old dry port of Regnéville. It was constructed in the 14th century by Robert de la Porte, Bishop of Avranches, Chancellor to the king of Navarre and “lifetime guardian” of the castle of Regnéville.

A strategic gateway

The sea gateway was modified many times. It was composed of a series of immobile bridges and drawbridges that lead directly to the dry port. A small castellum, formed by a stone ground floor constituted a first fortified gateway. Some parts of the masonry of the gateway still exist.

A gateway weakened by the sea

An admission of 1518 tells us about an accident that happened on multiple occasions. “The castle was ruined and degraded by bad weather and by high quantities of sea water”. The damage was such that sixty years after, the castle was still half ruined. A deed of 4 January 1582, shows the castle belonged to Claude de Bouillé, Seigneur of Bourgneuf. He sold the castle in the same year to Roland de Gourfaleur for the price of 1150 écus, a small sum which was justified “because the said castle is at present badly damaged and ruined, inhabited and in need of repair”.


> How much in euros was Regnéville castle worth in 1582, given that the value of one écu today is around 178€ ?
Answer : 204 700€… For a castle it was not very expensive! Answer for sign 3: Robert de la Porte is the “lifetime guardian”.